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Watch tbs live streaming online free broadcasting from usa.TBS is a national cable and satellite channel, available throughout the entire United States.TBS is an entertaining and funny channel which entertain the people.


TBS HD is a high definition simulcast feed of TBS, which broadcasts in the 1080i resolution format and was launched on September 1, 2007. Prior to the launch of the national channel's HD feed, WTBS's digital signal – which is viewable over-the-air in the Atlanta market – had already transmitted in high definition (although most programs seen on the station, with the exception of Atlanta Braves and Southeastern Conference college football games, were broadcast in upconverted standard definition and pillarboxed until April 3, 2011); it was replaced by the superstation feed's HD simulcast, instead of simulcasting what became Peachtree TV. Much like sister channel TNT, TBS airs a moderate amount of program content broadcast in 4:3 standard definition stretched to the 16:9 widescreen format through a non-linear process similar to the "panorama" setting on many HDTVs that some viewers have nicknamed Stretch-o-Vision after it was first used by TNT; though other HD simulcast feeds operated by cable channels have also adopted this practice. The non-linear stretching process leaves objects in the center of the screen with approximately their original aspect ratio; objects at the left and right edges are distorted (horizontal panning makes the distortion especially apparent). In addition to true HD content in 16:9, TBS HD also airs unstretched, upconverted standard definition content in its original aspect ratio, but commercials are aired in either format without stretching for ads produced in 480i. TBS launched a HD feed for its Pacific Time Zone feed on June 18, 2010.
TBS currently airs a mix of original sitcoms and reruns of sitcoms that were originally broadcast on the major broadcast networks. Original programs currently seen on TBS include American Dad!, Conan, Cougar Town, Deal With It, Sullivan & Son and Ground Floor. The channel's daytime schedule is heavily dominated by reruns of current and former network comedies, with these shows also airing in the evening and sporadically during the overnight hours. Such programs include Family Guy, Friends, Seinfeld, The King of Queens, Married... with Children, The Big Bang Theory and New Girl.

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